Krispy Krunchy Mac-N-Cheese: A creamy de

2 Oct

Krispy Krunchy Mac-N-Cheese: A creamy delicious addition to our already amazing sides via

#MondayMotivation Almost 9 months into 2

24 Aug

#MondayMotivation Almost 9 months into 2015 & Krispy Krunchy has already opened 400 stores! #WOW!! Come be apart it @

Check out the @montgomerymedia​ article

23 Aug

Check out the @montgomerymedia​ article on Krispy Krunchy Chicken in #Dresher #Pennsylvania​ at the @SunocoRacing​

Check out the @montgomerymedia​ article

23 Aug

Check out the @montgomerymedia​ article on Krispy Krunchy Chicken in #Dresher #Pennsylvania​ at the @SunocoRacing​

Updating our About Section:

19 Feb

A Short Summary of KKC:


Krispy Krunchy Foods offers a quick service restaurant concept with more than 1700 retail locations in 35 states. Established in 1989, Krispy Krunchy Foods LLC developed from the founder’s own convenience store brand and brings an exceptional amount of expertise in the c-store/ foodservice industry. We feature Cajun-style chicken (bone-in and tenders), which is always fresh never frozen and fried in zero trans fat oil. The menu also includes signature dishes of Krispy, Original and Cajun Sweet & Sour Wings; Cajun tenders; Red Beans and Rice; Jambalaya; Boudin Bites (Cajun rice balls); Krispy Shrimp and Fish; and Honey Butter Biscuits.

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Thinking about opening a Krispy Krunchy Chicken?:

Krispy Krunchy Chicken is one of the fastest growing convenience store based quick service restaurant (QSR) concepts in the nation. Established in 1989, Krispy Krunchy’s signature recipe was developed in the founder’s own small convenience store chain. Along with Krispy Krunchy’s unique flavor profile, the brand brings an exceptional amount of expertise in the c-store/ foodservice industry that culminates in more than 1700 retail locations in 35 states. In total, Krispy Krunchy Chicken opened over 500 stores in 2014 with no stopping in sight. In 2015, Krispy Krunchy will add more states and products to its ever-growing family.

Let’s take a look at the HOTTEST chicken concept in America:

The Krispy Krunchy signature menu has a definitive Cajun flavor to it, featuring our proprietary bone-in chicken, chicken tenders, chicken sandwich, buffalo wings, fish and shrimp with a new selection of flavorful sauces. All of our signature meals are served with our famous honey butter biscuit and choice of side, such as red beans and rice, jambalaya, boudin bites (Cajun rice balls). Article: Millennials Preferring C-Stores

11 Feb

Millennials Trade ‘Down,’ C-Stores Step Up

Age group likes convenience stores more than QSRs for foodservice, says NPD

Published in CSP Daily News

Foodservice (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Gas Stations)

CHICAGO — While many millennials are trading up from fast-food chains such as McDonald’s for fast-casual chains such as Chipotle, even more of them are trading “down” for food at convenience stores. That is the conclusion of an analysis of millennial out-of-home eating habits conducted by NPD Group and first shared with USA Today.

For food and beverage stops, convenience stores are almost twice as important to millennials (18 to 34) as fast-casual restaurants, Harry Balzer, chief food industry analyst at NPD, told the newspaper.

“Millennials are cheap–they’re no different from anyone else,” he said. “What we mostly do in our lives is get food as fuel–we don’t usually go out for exciting eating adventures.”

Convenience stores accounted for 11.1% of millennial food and beverage stops in 2014, compared to 7.7% in 2006. By comparison, fast-casual accounted for 6.1% in 2014 vs. 3.1% in 2006, according NPD’s annual “Eating Patterns in America” study.

As Millennial use of convenience stores and fast-casual chains grows, fast food is getting squeezed from above and below in price, said Balzer. Just as a generation of 18- to 34-year-olds changed the restaurant industry by popularizing “fern bars” in the late 1970s, a new group of them is reshaping the industry again, he says, particularly by turning to convenience stores, which have increasingly been upgrading their foodservice programs.

“They’ve discovered that you can eat out at the convenience store,” he said.

Millennials are more likely to stop and buy items–particularly food items–at convenience stores than any other age group, Jeff Lenard, spokesperson for the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), told the paper. “That’s why the future of convenience stores is food–not gas.”

At the same time, said the report. baby boomers have not fully figured out the evolution of convenience stores.

“If you’re 50 or over, you still think the convenience store is primarily a gas station,” said Balzer.

Krispy Krunchy’s March Mayhem 2015 Graphic Proof

5 Feb

March Mayhem 2015 Graphic Proof


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